Cancer sun cancer rising compatibility

Astrology is not destiny, so while the two of you might not be a classic match in Libra rising, read for the compatibility of Pisces with Cancer, and Gemini with.
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Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Feeling your pain, your joy, your sadness, your jubilation. Being so emotionally intuitive opens people with their ascendant in Cancer up to a vivid imagination, one that is hyper-aware of the world around them. They often have an affinity for the creative arts due to this characteristic. They are able to passionately relate emotions the rest of the world hides or overlooks. Lookwise, the Cancer rising man and woman have a sensually attractive body. Their hips are usually broad and curvaceous in case of females. It is normal to gain weight and develop love handles due to this in their later years.

The body shape be short and stocky, thus giving them a crab like look. Their face is round-shaped and usually very pleasing to look at. Every relationship must be intimate, otherwise it will not happen.

Leo vs. Cancer: Who Is The Strongest Zodiac Sign?

They are loyal in relationships , even devoted to a fault, in some cases. And they will defend their loved ones whether they are right or wrong.

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Cancer ascendants tend to look for their security outside of themselves — at home, in the workplace, in love. This could be in the form of a stable profession or a loving partner.

Traits of Cancer Ascending

They do not look first to become secure within themselves, but instead to find something that is secure. They will easily fall in love with someone who embodies this strength and security, and in many cases this person will manifest as an authority figure for them. My match is New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone.

Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. They think for generations and are interested in others. They can, as members of the public, go from one court to another — in the interests of the cause. With regard to the profession, they have many opportunities.

They are incorruptible; If something they do not like on it is visible; They can expose and deprive of confidence, but cruelly repent of it. This is a complex combination of signs: you make the impression of a sociable person, a lover of fun, but deep down you are very sensitive. In order to protect yourself, you prefer to hide your subtle feelings behind a mask of sociability and sometimes superficiality. You do not trust other people and exercise excessive circumspection.

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Nevertheless, you are a fine, reliable friend, you can always rely on. You expect others to repay you the same, and feel deeply disappointed when they let you down. You are active and adapt easily to the new situation. You will make friends all over the world, but it will be difficult for you to establish personal contact with them.

Sun-Moon Compatibility

Others may find you superficial, but this is only partly true, because you are deeply sensitive. You deserve a good education that will help you acquire more self-confidence and beautify your speech. Otherwise, you will be permanently stuck on your small problems.

Concentrate on the need to be a knowledgeable person. People are drawn to you, but your endless chatter about themselves can alienate them.

You have a developed sense of justice, and your polite manners become defiant in the presence of enemies or when you are forced to defend yourself. You are optimistic and youthful enthusiastic, even in adulthood, you can sacrifice everything except independence, and feel uncomfortable in an unfriendly environment. You believe in peace, truth and justice and seldom get into trouble without sufficient reason.